Step 1

Add travel

If you have a trip coming up soon, just add your travel details. Let people know what you can bring, how much you can bring and when they can expect delivery.

Step 2


Connect with other users and accept the request most feasible to you.

Step 3

Make a deal

Set conditions such as price, delivery time and place with your transaction partner.

Step 4


Commit to the agreement, and make the delivery of the requested item(s) as per the agreed conditions with your transaction partner.

Prohibited Products Policy

Glocalzone want to maintain a safe, fair, and enjoyable marketplace for both consumer and traveler. Before you add or offer to bring a product, please read this policy carefully to prevent possible customs problems that you may encounter. The list of prohibited products according to countries may help you.
List of Prohibited Products
Please note that the lists which show up when you add a travel are not full lists, but they include important examples.
Glocalzone does not guarantee that customs problems will never occur although you act according to policy. You are solely responsible for the products that you are committed to buy or bring.
Policy Changes
Glocalzone reserves the right to edit this Prohibited Products Policy at any time without notice. Therefore, you are required to regularly observe the Prohibited Products Policy with the obligations in the current version at all times. Any changes to the Prohibited Products Policy will become effective upon publication, and when you continue to use any Glocalzone Service after the change has been published, means you agree to be bound by these changes.