Step 1

Add travel

If you have a trip coming up soon, just add your travel details. Let people know what you can bring, how much you can bring and when they can expect delivery.

Step 2


Connect with other users and accept the request most feasible to you.

Step 3

Make a deal

Set conditions such as price, delivery time and place with your transaction partner.

Step 4


Commit to the agreement, and make the delivery of the requested item(s) as per the agreed conditions with your transaction partner.

Privacy Policy

1. Aim
1.1. Glocalzone respects your privacy and commit protecting the personal information you have given us when you use our services. This Privacy Policy will help you understand what data we collect, why we collect it, and what we do with it.
2. Ownership of the Database
2.1. All personal information you have provided to us through the Website is processed in a database belonging to Glocalzone.
3. Personal Information
3.1. We collect any personal information as long as you do not provide us with personal information through any of the methods described in this Policy. You can provide us with this information directly through our services. If you decide to provide us with your personal information (eg name, surname, username, email address, photo, reference code), we collect only the information you need to fulfill your requests and our legitimate business goals. If you refuse to disclose your personal information when requested, you may not be able to access certain areas of the Services such as purchasing products.
3.2. Through the Web Site, You allow Glocalzone to receive and publish your geographic location, to present your products and travels to users close to you. In addition, you allow Glocalzone to collect your phone number to verify your identity. You also allow any potential use of the uploaded photos or any other information (including name, location, products, and travels) for advertising purposes by Glocalzone, free of charge, with any media tool.
4. Membership and Registration
4.1. To use the Web Site, you must register by specifying your email address or Facebook account. If you choose Facebook, you are allowing access and use of certain information depending on the privacy settings of the social network you have chosen.
4.2. We will ask you information such as your name, surname and your e-mail address in order to be able to access via the internet. As a guest, you may visit certain areas of the Services and remain anonymous but you may not be able to access all content and features without registration.
4.3. You assure that the information you provide to us is accurate, up-to-date and it corresponds to your identity. Those information who do not appear in your profile on the Web Site according to your request are required to fill for having an effective relationship with Glocalzone.
5. Public Relations
5.1. You expressly acknowledge that all of your personal data, photographs, products and travels information on your account may be accessed by other users.
5.2. Please remember that when you use some Services, such as publishing your products, your username and photo are publicly accessible on the public internet, so you should be careful when using the Services. Personal information disclosed by you may be collected by other users of such Services and may lead to unwanted messages. It is not our responsibility to protect the information you disclose to third parties through our services (eg, submitting your phone number to another user via the Services). As you use a profile that is appropriate for the access of other users, you are always responsible for the content and accuracy of your profile. To edit, change or delete such information, follow the instructions provided in our Services.
6. Email Newsletter
6.1. By accepting our Privacy Policy at registration, you expressly agree that Glocalzone will send any commercial communications to you, including electronic communications and at the discretion of Glocalzone, any commercial content related to our products, services or offerings will be sent by Glocalzone that may interest you.
7. Cookies
7.1. Glocalzone Services may contain "cookies". We can use cookies to manage the sessions of our users. Cookies can be used whether you register with us or not. "Cookies" are small text files that are carried by a web server to a hard disk and then stored on your computer. Types of information a cookies collect; your visit date and time, your browsing history, preferences and your username.
7.2. In some cases, third party service providers may use cookies on the Web Site. We can not access or can not control the cookies of third-party service providers. This Privacy Policy does not cover the cookie of any third party service provider, it includes the cookies only we use. You have the option to accept or decline the use of these cookies on your computer. However, denying the use of cookies may limit the use of certain features of the Web Site.
8. Disclaimer
8.1. No web site or Internet communication is completely secure, although we have used the security measures to guarantee your personal data. For this reason, Glocalzone does not guarantee that unauthorized access, password cracking, data loss or other violations will never occur. The use of the Services is at your own risk. Glocalzone warns you to memorize or securely store your password to keep your personal information secure.
9. Personal Information Transfer
9.1. Storage and processing of your personal data may require transfer to and / or storage at a place outside your country of residence. By accepting this Privacy Policy, you agree to the transfer, storage and / or processing of your personal information in this manner.
10. Policy Changes
10.1. Glocalzone reserves the right to edit this Policy at any time without notice. Therefore, you are required to regularly observe the Policy with the obligations in the current version at all times. Any changes to the Policy will become effective upon publication, and when you continue to use any Glocalzone Service after the change has been published, means you agree to be bound by these changes.