Step 1

Add travel

If you have a trip coming up soon, just add your travel details. Let people know what you can bring, how much you can bring and when they can expect delivery.

Step 2


Connect with other users and accept the request most feasible to you.

Step 3

Make a deal

Set conditions such as price, delivery time and place with your transaction partner.

Step 4


Commit to the agreement, and make the delivery of the requested item(s) as per the agreed conditions with your transaction partner.

What is Glocalzone?

Glocalzone is a platform where we connect people to make foreign markets more accessible. On Glocalzone you no longer have to worry about a specific product not being available in your country: just find a traveler who can bring it to you!

You shop by reaching out people, from local to global. Once you have made a deal with the traveler, you won’t have to worry about any shipping costs or custom fees. Order as much as you like. Glocalzone is limitless.

And if you’re a traveler, Glocalzone gives you the opportunity to make some extra cash while on your trip. Plus, it's always nice to do someone a favour!

Glocalzone is a start-up project based in Turkey. We are currently in beta, and this includes our website as well. We are constantly working to improve your experience at Glocalzone. Thank you for your support!