Step 1

Add travel

If you have a travel in soon, just add travel and let people know that you are available to bring product.

Step 2

Contact with

Contact with the users and choose the most suitable one as your transaction partner through your preferrations.

Step 3

Make a deal

Set all the conditions such as price, delivery time and place with your transaction partner.

Step 4


Make or take the delivery according to settled conditions and enjoy it!

What is Glocalzone?

We are glad to see you in this page. Looks like we got your attention. Let's find out more about us!

It is basically a zone that you can shop by reaching out people from local to global. More specifically, we are providing a service to match the consumer who is having a trouble by accessing the desired product with the traveler who is able to make it accessible. Therefore ;

If you are a consumer, you don't need to

- wait for your product to enter the country market
- pay huge amount of cargo fees while having it or
- order more than you need according to ordering conditions of firm

If you are a traveler, you will

- make a profit while using your current opportunities
- feel happy to help someone out there who needs you

At last, let us inform you that we are a start-up project and this is the beta version of the website. We will keep working to improve your experience day by day. Thanks for your support in advance.